Watermark is Hiring…

Do you have as much enthusiasm for God as you do for technology?  If so, Watermark is looking for you to join us as we grow.  Right now, we have a full-time Network Administrator position available as well as a part-time helpdesk position.  We are looking for someone who is…

  • Looking for a highly-technical position that allows you to take the lead in innovative administration of local area networks
  • Experienced in hands-on network management
  • Experienced with server operating systems, router, switches, firewalls, and wireless solutions
  • Experenced in monitoring tools
  • An excellent communicator and team player
  • Always keeping up-to-date with current technology trends

The position will working with multiple ministry teams and the right person for the job will…

  • Manage schedules and duties in order to meet the needs of the organization
  • Maintain and administer the local area network including VPN, routing between all networks, connectivity, etc, whil ensuring performance, integrity, and reliability
  • Assist with improving the state of technology at Watermark
  • Provide support with network, hardware, software, and printer troubleshooting as needed
  • Work closely with technology volunteers utilizing their talents and blessing them as they serve.

Is this you?  As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, we are looking for a few great idiots to join our team.  The most important thing to us are folks who are sold out to Jesus Christ.  The way we look for a person in the role is almost completely backwards from the way I would recruit in the business world. 

In my past life, corporate hiring was easy.  1)  Is the person technically capable of doing the job?  2)  Is this person a good culture fit for the organization?  3)  As an added bonus, wouldn’t it be great if this person is a committed follower of Christ? (even though we can’t ask that in the job interview)…

Now though, the order is reversed.  1)  Is this person completely sold out to Jesus Christ and patterns his/her life in a way that creates opportunities to minister to others?  2)  Is this person a culture fit to Watermark… someone who we can partner with in ministry, share life with, and be part of our staff and church family?  3)  Oh yeah, does this person have the skills to do the job.

Trust me.  Fitting those requirements is much harder. 

So are you the person we are looking for?  If so, shoot us an email at itjobs@watermark.org


  1. Right fit, wrong town. :(

  2. Hey Scott,

    Just curious if you guys have filled the position yet? I did apply, name is Rob Williams, I’m also on twitter as well as aredub. Take care.



  3. Joshua Whitaker says:

    Hey Scott,

    I was a curious if you had filled the position too.

    I did apply as well, i hope i have a chance to get to work with you.



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