Why I STILL Love Our EqualLogic SAN

IMG_0278As a follow up to the post I wrote several months back (see Why I Love our EqualLogic SAN), I wanted to talk about my experience yesterday with the Dell crew.

I had the great pleasure yesterday to meet with Jeff Sullivan (@sanpenguin) from Dell Tech Center here at Watermark.  We were invited to be part of a case study talking about our choices of technology, specifically around storage and EqualLogic.  Jeff also brought two other individuals with him, Kristin Storer and Stephen Sheppeard to produce and shoot the video.  The greatest asset that Dell has, in my opinon are the people who work there.  Jeff, Kristin, and Stephen were awesome to work with and made our time together a lot of fun and low stress.

We spent most of our time talking through all of the reasons why we love the technology choices that we have made.  As IT leaders, we often don’t take the time to reflect on the good choices we’ve made, but rather get caught up in the day-to-day firefighting and “what’s next.”  Having a camera pointed at you is a great way to make you stop and think, “If I were to do this over again, would I do anything differently?”  Honestly, around our choices with storage, I can say that we made the best choice for our organization.  The bottom line is SIMPLICITY. If you are a small business, a church, or have a limited IT staff… EqualLogic is a great way to go for storage. Even if you are a large organization who has spent millions of dollars in the past on Fibre Channel SAN solutions, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not taking a hard look at iSCSI and EqualLogic.  When we compared our storage needs with everything out there (direct attached, cloud storage, fibre channel, etc) the numbers just put EQL in first place.  And it’s easy.  And we don’t have to go to training to use it, and it works.  Everytime.

Dell is a big company, but they are a great ministry partner for us.  We are certainly a mixed technology shop… we have Dell, Apple, VMWare, Extreme Networks, Aruba, Palo Alto, Juniper and others playing specific roles in our technology stack.  I can honestly say that Dell has been one of the most active in pursuing us, working with us, and engaging us in discussions about how their products work.

Thanks guys for a really fun day talking about technology.

P.S. We also talked a lot about how we use social media.  That being said, you can find Jeff on Twitter at @sanpenguin, myself at @watermarkgeek, and Watermark Community Church on both Facebook and Twitter


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