Dell Strategic Focus in a New Era

A few notes from Praveen Asthana’s Keynote…

Dell is focused on Open, Capable, and Affordable solutions.  Many vendors try to do one or two of these, but very few if any are able to do all three.  In the 2010s Dell hopes to lead in the Virtual Era.  Dell wants to have a holistic approach that creates efficiency across the spectrum of devices (from handhelds to clients), be open, and create a world class customer-tailored solution… meaning specialized sales people who have deep knowledge of products.  Also working towards not changing account representatives every six months.  (This is huge in my book!)

EqualLogic is currently up to 14,000 customers.  Dell claims 50& less time to manage, is 50% less expensive, and has a longer than expected useful life greater than 5 years.  EqualLogic is at the heart of Dell’s transformation. 

1) Own intellectual property
2) Software is important
3) Great channel partners
4) Virtualization changes everything
5) Continue a holistic solution focus

Dell still remains customer focused.  They want to be a solutions company but not lose focus on the customer.

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