Should I? What God has to say about the decision making process – Part II

As a follow up to last weeks' post on decision making, here are notes from Blake Holmes' second message from the "Should I" series.  You can see points one through five in last week's post here.  I've made many mistakes, and without good counsel, I'm … [Continue reading]

Should I? What God has to say about the decision making process.

We made lots of decisions every day.  Should I eat pizza for lunch?  Should I buy that new gadget?  Many of the decisions are small, but other decisions can have a huge impact on our lives.  Should I marry this person?  Should I buy this house? What … [Continue reading]

“Things I’ve done wrong and things I’ve done right” – Lessons from Tommy Nelson


"Things I've done wrong and things I've done right" This morning as we kick off our annual staff retreat, Tommy Nelson from Denton Bible Church came to bless us with lessons learned from decades of ministry. The essence of ministry is your own … [Continue reading]

Gorilla Arm


Those who know me well have probably heard me talk about Microsoft's gamble with Windows 8 and the touchscreen experience.  I think the new version of Windows does show a TON of innovation, but I'm not sure it's the kind of innovation that everyone … [Continue reading]

Finally… Google Maps is back on the iPhone.


Yesterday, Google released Google Maps for the iPhone into the App Store.  It's great to finally have an alternative to the Apple Maps fiasco that hit us last year.  I think this review of the new Google Maps app is spot on... Map App for iPhone … [Continue reading]