Facebook apps, the church, and relationships that matter.

We just recently launched the “Join the Journey” app on Facebook.  For those of you not familiar, Join the Journey is our daily online devotionals written by church members.  It previously had been available by a daily email or on the web at www.jointhejourney.com.  When I first got into facebook, it amazed me how quickly I was having conversations with people that I hadn’t spoken with in years.  All of a sudden I’m having conversations about my faith, and it hit me that the most important thing that a church can do on facebook is create a ways for believers to share their faith with their nonbelieving friends.  What makes facebook (an other social media sites) so great is not technology being so cool (but it is) or that it is so “hip” (but it is), but rather that people are engaging with one another online.  Mostly they’re planning social lives, or wasting time… they are throwing sheep, playing games.  We ought to be giving people ways to share their faith and start conversations.  If we really want to call people “friends” on facebook and we aren’t sharing the gospel with them, we’re not much of a friend are we?  If you are interested in adding the app to your facebook page, check it out here.


  1. Robbie Vedrenne says:

    I jumped on the Facebook bandwagon this past weekend do to the peer pressure (I crumbled easily) of one Rob Thomas. I discovered the same phenomena that you did. It was a “It’s a Wonderful Life” aha! Moment for me. I found that I had friends and family members that were interconnected in unknown ways. Mutual friends and influences from the past that I had not nurtured at all, now given the opportunity to share a little bit of life with folks forgotten or the victim of distance and busy schedules. Pretty cool for an old guy, and I get to keep track of my teenaged kids in a non intrusive way… Bonus!

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