EqualLogic User Conference – Day Two Recap

I could have titled this post “Why my brain is full”, or “My experiences drinking from a firehose”. That’s how I feel after yesterday. Day two of the EqualLogic user conference was wall-to-wall information overload.
As I have said before, I am usually underwhelmed by conferences. All smoke and no fire. But this was NOT the case here.
We started the day hearing from Dell’s leader in enterprise strategy, followed by sessions on networking, VMware integration, Dell’s HIT kit, ASM for Windows, ASM/VMware edition, MPIO, solid state drives, and many others.
The only complaint I heard from attendees was that the sessions were so back-to-back that we didn’t have time for a deep breath (or brain reboot) before running to the next topic. Crazy good stuff.
A highlight for me was my final session covering the top 10 questions that come up in EqualLogic support and how to solve them, led by Vernon Miller. He’s a great teacher in my opinion and it reminded me of sitting in a college classroom. We covered a lot of ground on what might seem like basic topics, but things we’re all likely to encounter at some point.
The only area for improvement could have been the lunch session led by an outside storage consulting firm. Really good, brilliant guys, but the topic of iscsi trends was too heavy for a lunch session and was telling most of us what we already know to be true… that is “iSCSI can be fraught with pitfalls if you make bad choices.” But most of us haven’t experienced that BECAUSE we are already on EqualLogic.
To conclude, day two was a big success. Dell has done a great job and continues to confirm what we already know to be true, that we made the right choice on storage. So now my brain is still full and we still have another day to go. Time to get off this Dart train and get educated. Wish me luck.

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