Would You Just Make a Stinkin’ Decision Already?

I thought this was a great post from Todd Rhoades this morning in Monday Morning Insight.

Seth Godin: Make a decision. It doesn’t have to be a wise or perfect one. Just make one.
Here’s what Seth writes:

It doesn’t have to be a wise decision or a perfect one. Just make one. In fact, make several. Make more decisions could be your three word mantra.

No decision is a decision as well, the decision not to decide. Not deciding is usually the wrong decision. If you are the go-to person, the one who can decide, you’ll make more of a difference. It doesn’t matter so much that you’re right, it matters that you decided.

Of course it’s risky and painful. That’s why it’s a rare and valuable skill.

Seriously, Pastor. Make a decision. Don’t be stupid, but do make a decision. Stop your teetering. Pick a side. Be decisive. Seriously, Church leader. Make a call. The facts will never ALL be in. The situation will never be perfect to make the perfect decision.  And most decisions have some inherent risk involved. That’s ok. Risk is a good thing.

So… you’ve got five minutes. Just make the decision.

And you know exactly which decision I’m talking about. The one that’s been dogging you for days, even weeks or months. Should I do this, or should I do that? Most decisions do not take weeks or months. If you need to… start out slow. Small decision. Any decision. Just make one.

I see this happen all of the time in churches, especially in the area of IT or Web… we get analysis paralysis… there are too many good choices, what if I pick wrong, what if the technology I choose is out of date by next year?  Well, here is the rub.  Whatever you choose, it may be out of date before you implement it.  That doesn’t make it a wrong decision.  The absolute wrong decision is sitting by, doing nothing because you fear that you will be wrong or outpaced by the technology.  Just make a decision, move your church forward.  Even if you are wrong 50% of the time, it is better than being wrong 100% of the time by doing nothing.  You CAN learn from your failures.  Now granted, it is better to learn from your successes, but doing SOMETHING is always valuable because even if you fail you have learned what NOT to do next time.

Most church leaders wouldn’t survive a week in a fast-paced corporate culture.  Why?  We aren’t agile enough.  We hold on too long to things we need to let go of.  We don’t think enough about the opportunities we are missing by not innovating.  It is one thing to say you are innovating… it is something else to actually take enough risks to actually innovate.

How are you doing?

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