Finally… Google Maps is back on the iPhone.

Google-Maps-iconYesterday, Google released Google Maps for the iPhone into the App Store.  It’s great to finally have an alternative to the Apple Maps fiasco that hit us last year.  I think this review of the new Google Maps app is spot on…

Map App for iPhone Steers Right

Google Maps for iPhone won’t be for everyone, although it’s pretty amazing what they’ve released with this version 1.0 app.  If you are shaky about using Google, I also highly recommend the Waze app.  If you are looking for really great social integration with a maps app, Waze is for you.  It is ESPECIALLY helpful in a traffic situation where cars are stopped and you want to know what’s going on… simply fire up Waze and it will not only reroute you around the snarl, but you can also report incidents, speed traps, or chat with someone further up the road to find out what’s up.  Amazing use of tech, and also fun because you can “level up” by collecting points as you drive.

So check out the Google Maps app and Waze as an alternative to Apple Maps!

Do you have a favorite map app?

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