Fall Regional Church IT Network Recap – Lifechurch.tv


At the end of October, a bunch of church IT folks gathered in Edmond Oklahoma for our regional Church IT Network Roundtable.  For those of you who are not familiar, The Church IT Network first began as a series of events called the Church IT … [Continue reading]

How to be Peyton Manning, and why it matters.


Seasoned veterans in the technology field know that we are often forced to deal with incomplete information.  Regardless of efforts to be on the same page with senior leadership, decisions will be made without input from IT and we will be left trying … [Continue reading]

Watermark is going to Fort Worth


Well, it's official.  Watermark is going to be starting a new campus in Cowtown.  We will be taking over the old Ridglea Theater on Sunday morning starting in the spring.  In addition, we will have an office space and children's facility in an … [Continue reading]

Reviving the blog…


Hello world... again.  It's been a year.  And a long year, and a painful year, and a year where I've experienced growth and joy and grace and redemption and a host of other things. And it's time to start talking about it all again.  I'm not much … [Continue reading]

The unspoken truth about managing geeks


This is an excerpt from an article in ComputerWorld written by Jeff Elo.  You can find the entire article here.  Lots of things resonated with me in reading this. It's all about respect Few people notice this, but for IT groups respect is the … [Continue reading]