Excited about what God is doing…

Church IT Jesus Freaks are a fun bunch.  We had a great time at the Dallas Church IT open lunch today.  15 folks from church and para-church organizations throughout Dallas joined together to talk about the future of our ministry together.  We are tentatively setting September as the next “full-day round table” and each person was challenged to seek out another ministry in the Dallas area and bring them along.  It was fun to hear all of the great technical discussions going on at the table… from social networking, virtualization, SAN solutions, web platforms, ChMS solutions, wireless… it was all good stuff.

The best things about my job are getting to interact with people who love Jesus and getting to share Jesus with those who don’t know Him yet.  Today I got to hang out with people who are geeks like me AND love Jesus.  That’s greatness. 

If you are part of a Dallas area ministry and want to get involved, drop us a line at it@watermark.org or check out the forum at www.texasministrytech.com